School Chaplaincy we are very lucky in St. Louis to have two school chaplains, Fr. Stephen Joyce and Louise Mulligan. 
Our Chaplains work with the Religion Department in promoting the Faith Formation of our students. 
Both Louise and Fr. Joyce also offer an enormous amount of support to all our students.

You can make contact with the Chaplaincy Services in St. Louis at 047 81422. 

The School Chaplain The primary responsibility of the school chaplain is to provide the spiritual support to school community in which they are based. This involves bringing a 'faith-presence' to their role in the school.  The chaplain works with the staff in carrying out this role within the school community, which extends to the wider parish community.

This role varies from teaching Transition Year modules, organising prayer services / Masses with the RE Department, school retreats, meeting students on an individual basis, working closely with the pastoral care team in the school.
The Chaplain's priority is to treat students with respect and dignity in all situations within and beyond the school. 


The Chaplain will exercise their Pastoral role by:
- Providing personal contact with individual students. 
- By class contact - Through Religious worship 
- By maintaining an interest in extracurricular activities in the school. 
- By getting to know as many individual students as possible personally The Chaplain will exercise their Religious role by: 
- Ensuring the provision of liturgies and Para liturgies in the school at the beginning of year, Christmas, Ash Wednesday and the Graduation mass for 6th Years. 
- Organising retreats The Chaplain will exercise their role in extracurricular activities by: 
- By organising and being available to go on School Trips 
- By supporting Charity fundraising - By encouraging young people to get involved in extracurricular activities. 
 - By being involved in the St. Louis Schools Network and Worldwide Global schools events.


The Chaplain will exercise their role in relation to the staff by:                        
- Co-operating with the principal and all members of staff 
- In keeping with her pastoral role will be available to the staff 
- Working closely with the Guidance Counsellors, and Pastoral Care Team. 
- Be a member of the Care Team and attend meetings. 

The Chaplain will exercise their role in relation to Parents by: 
- Being available to parents 
- Offering support and encouragement to parents who are in difficulty

Principal; Margaret Conlon

St Louis Secondary School,

Glen Road,


Co. Monaghan