A wide range of cultural activities is pursued in St Louis. Let's have a look at some of them.


Debating- public speaking, drama and poetry recitation are all encouraged. The visual arts are not neglected with the girls entering competitions such as "My Vision for Europe". In 2015 St Louis students won every section of the Ulster Debating Finals.


Dance- in its many forms, Irish, jazz and ballroom, is enjoyed by our students. Senior students often take the Juniors to teach them the basics, an experience enjoyed by all.


Drama- is popular whether it is taking part in the Ty musical or watching visiting Drama groups such as "Psycho Spaghetti" or the "Shakespeare Sessions". Students attend plays relevant to their courses such as "Macbeth" and "Dancing at Lughnasa". "Poetry Aloud" competition gave an opportunity to recite poetry, while the Patrick Kavanagh poetry competition gave the girls to find their poetic muse.


Art- is very important to us in St Louis and many of our students have achieved places in prestigious art colleges such as N.C.A.D. and have gone on to pursue careers in the world of art. Students have taken part in art competitions such as the Texaco Art competition and congratulations to Frances Treanor on her achievement in this year's competition. Senior students go on an Art trip each year to Newgrange and to the National Art Gallery in Dublin.


Every student in St Louis has an opportunity to participate in musical events. Fourth years have an annual musical. There are concerts, choirs and a traditional music group, so whatever you fancy we have a tune for you.


Trips- are available to students in St Louis. The German department runs a trip to Europe every two years. While primarily aimed at students of German, other students have also taken part in trips to Germany, and Italy. Students have also been involved in exchanges in France, Nigeria and Sweden. Trips within Ireland include daytrips to Tanagh centre, History trips to Dublin and Omagh, Art trips to Newgrange and Geography trips.


What other events do we do? Well there are the JP awards, Gaisce, the Law Day/Mock Trials and of course we have our own library.


An Ghaeilge

Anseo I Meanscoil Lughaidh, cuirtear beim laidir ar labhairt an dreanga. Glacann na daltai pairt I ndiospoireachtai agus in oraidiocht sa Chearthru Bliain. Is minic a bhionn trathanna na gceist I ngaeilge ann freisin. I mi an Mharta bionn Seachtain na Gaeilge ann agus is iomai imeachtai a bhionn ar siul idir dhramai agus cheolchoirmeacha. Is minic a chasten daltai treimhsi sa Ghaeltacht ag feabhsu a "mblas". cuirtear beim freisin ar ard chaighdean sa Ghaeilge scriofa. Eirionn leis na himeachtai seo go leir aird an dalta a dhiriu ar shaibhreas na teanga agus ar an gcultuir Gaelach.

Principal; Margaret Conlon

St Louis Secondary School,

Glen Road,


Co. Monaghan