• St Louis Secondary School

Choral Success for St. Louis

Twenty-five energetic performers from St. Louis Secondary School were fortunately awarded success when receiving a Distinction in their performance for The Royal Irish Academy of Music. The girls performed a fifteen- minute session, collected from their Transition Year musical ‘’Sister Act’’, including beautiful chorus numbers, entertaining and hilarious one-liners as well as creative dance moments. Commitment and absolute devotion were put in as the girls sacrificed their own time to perfect their performances. Inventive and original details were put in place adequately to set the scene and tell the story in the short amount of time that was given and undoubtedly, they succeeded. Special thanks to their music teachers, with whom they worked together to achieve such a valuable goal. Their team-work, energy, and communication skills were proudly noted and mentioned by the examiner, confirming how the girls truly formed an unbreakable bond. A well-deserved achievement as well as experience which they will carry for years to come.

Picture shows the St Louis Sister Act Choir.


Principal; Margaret Conlon

St Louis Secondary School,

Glen Road,


Co. Monaghan