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DCU CTY Ireland Summer Programme Scholarship

A St. Louis past student is willing to sponsor a current St. Louis student to participate in the DCU CTY Ireland Summer Residential Programme. This scholarship is worth a phenomenal €1800.

The CTYI Summer Programme is for young people aged between 12 and 16 years, who have been identified as having high academic ability (95th percentile in mathematical and / or verbal reasoning). The programme offers enrichment courses, which take the form of 3-week academic programmes. Students choose from a wide range of courses, usually only seen at university level learning. The programme offers these students classes that run at a much faster pace, with high level course material.

As well as having a strong academic structure, the CTYI summer programmes for second level students have an extensive social programme. Outside of classes, students participate in sporting activities, day trips, discos, table quizzes, and much more. We employ a team of residential staff who coordinate the social activities and ensure that the students settle in, have a balanced timetable and an altogether enjoyable time.

Please note:

- Students MUST be 16 before the date of the Assessment Test (February, 29th 2020)

- Results of the Assessment Test become available 4 - 6 weeks after the actual test.

- Students MUST bring in their results in to the school once they become available. The name of the winner of the DCU CTYI Scholarship will then be announced.


Complete the Talent Search Agreement.

Complete the Application Form on the brochure.

Include the €55 Assessment Fee.

Return it to CTYI Talent Search, DCU, Dublin 9 before the given closing date.

Applicants will receive a practice test paper following the closing date.

Results will be posted

This prestigious Scholarship will be offered to the St. Louis student who receives the highest results in the CTY IRELAND TALENT SEARCH assessment tests.

Application Forms and further information is available from Mr Fitzgerald.

Application Form and Information


Principal; Margaret Conlon

St Louis Secondary School,

Glen Road,


Co. Monaghan