Physical Education in St. Louis

Here in St. Louis, Monaghan, we provide a balanced and varied Physical Education programme that caters for all abilities and all year groups. We understand the need to provide a wide range of activities and strands in order to meet the needs of students individual interests that will ensure they will adopt a physically active lifestyle both inside and outside of school. We also provide an outlet for students to get involved in extra-curricular activities to ensure they experience the value of teamwork, exercise and the importance of being socially active. Every student is encouraged to get involved in school sport and we at St Louis provide both an individual and team sport avenue for all throughout the school year.

Our motto in Physical Education is:

EVERYONE plays, EVERYONE gets a turn, EVERYONE tries. We are not here to develop just the talented, BUT EVERYONE. In Physical Education, EVERYONE WINS."


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Principal; Margaret Conlon

St Louis Secondary School,

Glen Road,


Co. Monaghan