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General Advice for New Parents & Students

The advice below is based on the experiences and questions of new parents over the last two years.  We hope you find it useful. Please email or phone us at 047 81422 ie. if you have other questions.


School bags

Students are advised during the pandemic not to carry heavy textbooks to school as lockers cannot be provided as per DES guidelines. Books may be left at home for homework, teachers will use eBooks in class  We recommend that you purchase a strong light weight bag with good shoulder straps.  Best advice is that shoulder straps should be kept short so that the bag does not sit down too low on your daughter’s back.  The bag should be carried using both shoulder straps and not hanging from one shoulder as the bag is likely to be heavy.  PE gear may be worn on the day a student has PE.


Year Head and Tutors

Ms Mahony and her first year tutors offer plenty of advice and support to the girls as they settle in to their new school community.

 St Louis Parents' Association

St Louis Secondary School Parents' School Association comprises of a group of volunteer parents.  Parents are elected at the annual AGM.

The Parents’ Association meets every month and they organise fund-raising events for the school. In October (date to be confirmed) the Parents’ Association will be organising the Pauline Devlin Memorial Walk.


The main functions of the St. Louis Parents' Association are to:
- Represent all parents / guardians in the school community
- Liaise with the school
- Liaise with students through the Students' Council
- Meet once a month
- Hold an annual AGM
- Appeal for funds annually

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